Connecting Communities Celebrating Diversity

Enabling innovative ideas on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within corporations.

August 25th & 26th

Recognizing Our Valued Sponsors of 2023

Recognizing our esteemed event sponsors, we extend heartfelt gratitude for their commitment to driving positive change towards Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity.

Delve into insightful discussions, gain valuable knowledge, and discover transformative connections with professionals to ignite meaningful change and foster a more inclusive future. Mark your calendar today!

Teams of 2023 |

As a Non-profit Organization We Provide the Value you Seek

For Employees

Learn, grow & adopt to the DEI culture along with people across our community.

For Corporate

Exchange your DEI initiatives with corporates with the support of our community.

For Vendors

An opportunity to be brand ambassador for making a positive impact within the community.


Exclusive Events are Our Building Blocks to Success

Diversity in Action

Building connection through Cultural
Exchange and Networking.

Score More Than Runs

Building commodore with colleagues
and conversing on Diversity, Equity &

Hear it from our community

Let's Make an Impact!

Join us at our upcoming events, exciting
DEI initiatives.

Networking Event

Discussions on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Friday, Aug 25th, 6PM - 8PM

6100 Sam Jones Expressway Indianapolis, IN 46241 United States

Network Event